2021.04.30 ESG・SDGs

First SDGs private offering of unsecured bonds issued

In April 2021, TSUKASA PETCO Ltd. (Representative Director: Eishi Morita; "Company" hereinafter) issued its first SDGs private offering of unsecured bonds, underwritten by Resona Bank, Ltd.
Plans call for use of funds raised through issue of these bonds for working capital in new business development and other activities by the Company.
These SDGs private offering bonds represent an initiative to support achievement of the SDGs, through Resona Bank, Ltd. contributing 0.1% of the total issue amount to organizations involved in the SDGs. The Company will continue proactive efforts toward achievement of the SDGs in the future as well.

Overview of the Bonds
Issue: TSUKASA PETCO Ltd. first unsecured bonds
Total issue amount: 500 million yen
Period: Five years
Guarantor, underwriter of total amount: Resona Bank, Ltd.
Chosen recipient of donation: Institute of Physical and Chemical Research

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