CSR initiatives

Considering contributing to a sustainable society through its business activities to be an essential corporate social responsibility (CSR), TSUKASA PETCO Corporation. is advancing related activities based on its fundamental CSR policy and policies for priority topics.

Fundamental CSR policy

  1. We will comply with laws and regulations and act based on social norms and ethics, as a member of the international community
  2. All executives and employees will strive to maintain relations of trust with customers through fair and open business activities
  3. We will contribute to a sustainable society through respect for individual human rights, consideration for society and the environment, and fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities

Areas targeted by CSR initiatives

Fair trade and ethics Corporate code of conduct, compliance regulations, and insider trading regulations
Human rights Human-rights policy
Occupational health and safety Occupational health and safety policy
Business continuity plan Crisis management regulations
Information security Information security management regulations, privacy regulations
Security export controls Security export control regulations
Quality Quality policy
Environment Environmental policy
Community Community engagement policy


TSUKASA PETCO Corporation advances businesses with consideration for the environment, recognizing environmental issues to be important topics for all of humanity.

  1. We are advancing efforts to conserve the environment and prevent pollution.
  2. In carrying out our business activities, we comply with environmental laws, regulations, and other standards while also striving to lessen our environmental impact based on the following perspectives:
    1. (i) Conservation of energy and other resources, and recycling
    2. (ii) Eco-friendly purchasing and product development
  3. Through training, internal publicity, and other activities, we are striving to ensure that all employees understand our environmental policies and raise their environmental awareness, while also cooperating with suppliers to promote environmental protection activities.

Human rights

TSUKASA PETCO Corporation supports international norms including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and we carry out management with respect for the human rights of all people through establishing a corporate code of conduct on respect for human rights and prevention of discrimination.

  1. Respect for human rights and individuality, and prevention of discrimination
  2. Avoiding contributing to violations of human rights
  3. Prohibiting forced labor and child labor

Fair trade and ethics

Corporate code of conduct

TSUKASA PETCO Corporation contributes to the sustainable progress of society through business activities conducted with a high level of ethics, grounded in respect for human rights and compliance with laws, regulations, and international rules.

1. Compliance
We act as a good corporate citizen in compliance with laws and regulations
2. Employees
We will create healthy, comfortable working environments free from all kinds of discrimination, including discrimination by ethnicity, gender, or creed, and with respect for human rights
3. Customers
We will take action to earn customers' trust through stable supplies of safe, reliable products
4. Environmental protection
Aiming for harmony with a sustainable society through business activities and consideration for the environment
5. Suppliers
Building fair transaction relationships and working toward mutual growth
6. Community
Aiming for coexisting with the community as a good corporate citizen


  1. Complying with laws, regulations, and other rules concerning occupational health and safety
  2. Striving to realize workplaces in which executives and employees can work in good mental and physical health with peace of mind.
  3. Striving to foster awareness of occupational health and safety through training and drills necessary to ensure the occupational health and safety


Striving to deliver safer, higher-quality products and services that earn customers' support

  1. Striving to earn customers' trust through compliance with laws, regulations, rules, and customer requirements
  2. Maintaining a quality control structure based on demanding inspection and reporting by raw-materials suppliers
  3. Striving to maintain quality and safety in cooperation with suppliers


  1. Complying with laws, regulations, and rules in the countries and regions where we do business
  2. Executives and employees respect culture and customs in the countries and regions where they work and try to realize harmony with the community
  3. Contributing to community development through business activities

Environmentally friendly business

Developing structures for realizing a sustainable future by shifting the emphasis on environmental themes from protection to improvement.

Initiatives toward the SDGs

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are action goals for 2030 aiming to create a future society embracing environmental protection in which nobody is left behind, consisting of 17 goals and 169 gargets. TSUKASA PETCO has declared its support for sustainable growth in harmony with society and aims to contribute to the SDGs through its business activities. Our wide range of initiatives to contribute to the SDGs are introduced below.

Sustainable Development Goals
3 Good Health And Well-Being
Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all
5 Gender Equality
Organization that provides equal opportunities to all
8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
We will promote productive work that provides job satisfaction to all people
9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Build diverse partnerships to contribute to industrial development
10 Reduced Inequalities
Reduce inequality within and among countries
12 Responsible Consumption and Production
We will act responsibly so as to protect the global environment and people's health
13 Climate Action
We will take immediate action to protect the Earth from climate change
14 Life Below Water
Conserve marine resources and develop products that can coexist with the environment
15 Life on Land
Conserve forestry resources and develop products that can coexist with the environment
17 Partnerships for the Goals
We will achieve these goals though mutual cooperation with many people
With their limitless possibilities, plastics continue to evolve from day to day

With their limitless possibilities, plastics continue to evolve from day to day. While plastics make our lives more comfortable, it is also essential to consider their impact on the precious environment (including environmental degradation, resource issues, and waste issues).
Accordingly, based on its vision of ESG management as an important initiative the Company has launched businesses in areas including recycling of plastic bottles and bioplastic development.
To find unlimited future potential and realize a sustainable society, we are making progress on a transformation toward more advanced contributions to society, shifting from an approach of protection to one of improvement, in areas such as environmental protection and countering global warming. By sharing this information with stakeholders, we aim to build a society of the future grounded in empathy.

1. Commencement of plastic bottles and recycling business

We are planning to use the expertise of manufacturing resins from the flakes obtained through milling and washing collected plastic bottles so that the plastics can be processed and distributed as preforms. We promote the recycling of used plastic bottles into new plastic bottles for food use on a semi-permanent basis. The company will be in charge of the research, negotiation, and capture of procurement partners. Also, we will conduct research on the physical properties and quantities required by our customers, as well as the procedures until adoption to lead to marketing as a part of our efforts to promote zero-waste recycling of plastics.

2. Professionals in PET businesses pursuing optimal properties with titanium catalysts to overcome weakness

Titanium catalysts are characterized by an extremely high activity, which allows the amount of polymerization promoter added to be suppressed, thereby dramatically reducing the amount of heavy metals eluted. Also, since titanium is found all over the world, it is beneficial from the viewpoint of BCP (business continuity plan). While catalysts such as germanium and aluminum are available, titanium is considered superior due to the high costs of these materials. However, there were difficulties in the use of titanium due to the deterioration of the hue in PET resins (yellowing), which was caused by the high level of catalyst activity. We have worked with suppliers to overcome this weakness and improved the hues to usable levels.

3. Commencement of the plan for bioplastic development

We will commence activities to create a recycling-oriented society by utilizing the properties of plastics and using different materials wisely, with consideration also for environmental issues that can be addressed by plastics. Replication tests are being planned in Japan following the signing of a technical license contract with a university in Israel. We are aiming to commercialize plant-derived, biodegradable polyester plastic called PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate). PHA has been marketed by competitors, however the PHA under development by our company is a type of plastic extracted from algae and can be degraded in the sea, with the cost minimized to the extent possible. Furthermore, we are a member of “Friends of Technion Japan” and have established a system that allows the obtainment of technical information on the research and development currently taking place at Technion. This system is possible due to our ability to capture our partners’ diverse needs for the future in a timely manner, leading to research and development as requested by our partners.

4. Efforts toward a solution for oceanic plastic wastes

We are taking action as a member of the Clean Ocean Material Alliance (CLOMA), an international organization that aims for a solution for the issue of oceanic plastic wastes, which has become a pressing issue worldwide.

Clean Ocean Material Alliance (CLOMA)

The Clean Ocean Material Alliance (CLOMA) is a platform that brings together a various types of enterprises and organizations aiming to solve the issue of oceanic plastic wastes.

Second SDGs private offering of unsecured bonds announced

We have issued our second SDGs private offering of unsecured bonds.

SDGs private offering bonds represent an initiative to support achievement of the SDGs, through Resona Bank, Ltd. contributing 0.1% of the total issue amount to organizations involved in the SDGs.
The Company will continue proactive efforts toward achievement of the SDGs in the future as well.

SDGs declaration

We have prepared an SDGs declaration.

We regard the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) adopted by the United Nations as important objectives for corporate activities, and have formulated a concrete action plan for identifying issues and achieving targets.
Please click here to view the Action Plan Declaration.